We are Factura.ai

Derived from the Latin word for Invoice, we are on a mission to develop the world’s fastest and most accurate accounts payable software

Founding Team

We bring extensive finance and software development experience working for the leading Banks in North America including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Scotiabank.

In 2018, we launched CFO2 to help multi-unit restaurant operators work smarter with data using our analytics platform. Our customers asked us if we could automate their manual accounts payable process which was one of their biggest challenges. In 2019 we launched factura.ai to help solve the inefficient AP process for multi-unit businesses


Customer Service First

We love Zappos because of their mission to be a Customer Service business that happens to sell shoes. As consumers we expect that level of service, why shouldn’t we also deliver it

Diversity and Inclusive

To achieve our mission, we believe that we have to bring in the brightest and most talented individuals, no matter what they look like, their gender or where they came from. We are proud to have this as a core belief, not just a company policy

Venture Funded