QSR Group Inc.:  12x productivity improvement in one month

“Prior to factura we were killing a lot of trees….  The volume was crazy and it was increasing as our stores were increasing….  So time consuming, tedious and environmentally unfriendly… It’s (factura.ai) actually been a godsend, less paper, the time has been cut significantly, not only that we can track things a lot easier. “

– Samantha Reid, Accounting Supervisor, QSR Group Inc.

Samantha has been working for the QSR Group Inc. for over four years.  In that time, the Tim Hortons and Wendy’s franchisee has grown their store count to 55 today, and is looking to continue their growth into the future.  Unfortunately, the accounts payable process hasn’t changed since they were operating a handful of stores. This has resulted in a non-scalable inefficient process that takes hours to process and wastes tonnes of paper.  As the store count has grown, the accounts payable team has remained the same from a headcount perspective but the employees have taken on an extra workload that is now stretching the team.  Their only option to scale their AP team would have been to add additional staff.

The table above depicts actual productivity gains from QSR Group Inc.

Now with factura.ai their accounts team is working efficiently and is so productive they can work on other assignments within accounting.  They are in a good state to scale their business from 55 stores to 100 and beyond without having to add additional AP individuals. Factura.ai catches all duplicate invoices and eliminates duplicate approvals while allowing her to keep track of the status of every invoice in the process. And best of all for Samantha, they are now environmentally friendly eliminating the need to print anything.

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