The Bicycle for your AP process

Written by: Bradley Bloch, CEO of

In the 1990s Steve Jobs referred to the computer as the bicycle of the mind.

This thought came to him after he read about a study of locomotive efficiency.

In the study, different animals were tested to see which used the least amount of energy to travel over a distance.

And the winner was……

The Condor.

Humans actually came in unimpressively in the middle of the pack.

Until someone studied humans using a bicycle.

Which then propelled humans far beyond the Condor.

” We humans are tool builders, and we can fashion tools that amplify these inherent abilities that we have to spectacular magnitudes”

Essentially, humans develop tools to make us more efficient at tasks.

The computer, to Jobs, was the bicycle of the mind.

A tool that could allow us to process spreadsheets, manage documents and communicate more efficiently than doing these tasks manually.

You can think of as the bicycle for your AP process.

A more efficient way to process AP by:

Eliminating data entry.

Automating the approval workflow process.

Storing digital copies of invoices for easy retrieval.

Giving you full control and visibility to manage the AP process using less staff.

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