How RPA and AI change the

Accounts Payable Game

for Hyper-Efficiency

Wednesday , October 19, 2022

2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT

This webinar provides an overview of how newer accounts payable technology has usurped manual processes and older AP software. You will learn about RPA and AI technology, why organizations have a preconceived apprehension about these technologies, the challenges with older AP automation software and all the wonderful benefits. If you are interested in making your organization’s accounts payable process hyper-efficient, scalable, cost-effective, paperless, more accurate, improve vendor relations without changing your existing accounting or ERP systems than this is the right webinar for you.

Companies that Trust us: Leverages AI and RPA

Capture, Code & Send

Automatically captures & codes invoice information and sends for approval


Customized Approvals

The approval workflow is configured to your company’s policies either by vendor, location, department, dollar amount, or legal entity

Accounting or ERP

Send invoice information into the accounting or ERP system to be paid


Audit Controls

Obtain full control and visibility over your AP process with an audit trail that captures every step


Archive Search

A lifetime of document management to easily search and retrieve any invoice by any criteria

Effortless Onboarding

Go live in days and let our customer success team ensure your workflow is configured to your business needs.

No IT resource needed, our team provides white glove onboarding service

Browser based to access anywhere

Simple, easy to use software = simple onboarding

Remove the workflow roadblocks and achieve “Approval Bliss”

Remove the stress of tracking down approvals, not paying vendors on time and working overtime to close your books. easily configures the approval process based on your company’s unique policies and expedites approvals to days, not weeks.

Centralized invoice inbox for approvers

Built in notes & communication between AP and approvers

Full transparency over the status of each invoice

Escalation reports to ensure approvals get expedited

Not Your Grandma’s OCR uses the most advanced AI optical character recognition (OCR) that continuously learns and improves over time.

Our technology is blazing fast and extracts invoice information and codes in under 30 seconds. Afterall, automation is supposed to speed up processes not slow you down.

Handles line item invoices

Intelligently remembers GL codes based on the description

Built for a high volume of invoices to process multiple invoices simultaneously

Works for both PDF and scanned images

90% Cost Reduction

Companies spend an average of $12.90 / invoice (as per IOFM). reduces the time spent on handling invoices and all the other ancillary fees including duplicate invoices and late fees to vendors

Do more with less

Makes your employees 12x more productive

Paperless; no storage of courier fees

A Digital Document Management System

As you move to a digital AP process, acts as a document management system that stores for all your invoices as digital copies. We store these invoices forever which it makes it perfect for an audit that may arise at any time. Plus, we capture every step of the invoices journey in our audit trail

Search and retrieve invoices by any criteria

Lifetime of storage

Access anywhere

Audit trail to see every step of the invoice process

Duplicate Catch

Fraud prevention features such as smart duplicate detection to ensure you don’t pay your vendors twice nor enter erroneous information into your accounting or ERP system

Smart Duplicate Detection

Intelligent Warnings When Information Anomalies Arise

Audit trail the captures every step along the AP path

From A to Pay Pay makes it super simple to post invoices and pay your vendors using their preferred method – with a single click.

 Custom payment approval process

 Earn real cash on invoice spend

 Syncs with accounting system to keep payments records up-to-date

ACH, Checks and Virtual Cards

Key Capabilities

Blazing Fast Capture & Coding

Let our software capture, extract your line item invoice data and code in under 30 seconds


Streamlined Approval Process

Approval workflow configured to your business needs with easy communication access between AP and the approvers


Work Remotely, Anywhere

Cloud based to remotely manage the entire invoice process


Enhanced Oversight

Gain full transparancy and visibility over the entire AP process

Remote Team Collaboration

Cloud based platform for your finance department and managers to access  and communicate from anywhere & on any device.

Hands Free Integration

Works with your existing accounting systems, and can easily adapt to future changes. The team will take care of the integration.

Save Trees and Go Paperless

No need to print out documents,  all invoices are stored on our platform


Industry Agnostic

We work well with any business that operates multi-unit locations including restaurants, hotels, c-stores, cannabis, grocery and retail.

Five Star Reviews

Simple platform, easy to onboard to our multi-unit locations, everything we need is in one place — image, approval, audit trail, archives

Allison A.
Mod Pizza Franchisee

Seamless workflow for our multi user / multi location invoice approval process. Significantly reduces manual entry and the need to print out paper copies of invoices. Factura team is very helpful when it comes to setup and addressing any configuration issues.

Fraser H.
Tim Hortons Franchisee

User friendly and able to navigate through all the invoices and downloads in a most efficient manner.Greatest AP System ever invented

Jackie S.
Wendy’s Franchisee

Customer Story

Learn how the QSR Group Inc. navigates their AP process for 54 locations using


Don’t see your system? No problem. Our team can handle any integration.

AP Automation FAQs

Why is the platform best suited for multi-unit business looking for AP Automation? can work with any size company and we have customers that are not multi-unit businesses. However, excels for multi-unit businesses and was designed and developed from the beginning with multi-location businesses in mind. 1) We receive all invoices in one email address for all your store locations vs. an individual email address per store location. 2) Our workflow approval process was specifically designed to handle multiple locations with multiple approvers. 3) We have a fully automated workflow approval process vs. semi-automated. 4) If you have multiple holding companies you will be able to manage the entire AP process from one view/account vs. having to switch accounts between the holding companies. 5) Our turnaround time to process an invoice is 30 seconds vs. 24 hours.

How does AP automation fix the invoice approval process?

AP Automation from streamlines the accounts payable invoice approval process by identifying the correct approvers, sending notifications, and automating reminders. In addition, AP Automation enables businesses to keep all invoices in one place so everyone has what they need to take action.

How does AP Automation improve document management? securely stores all invoice documents electronically within the system forever. Easily search for any invoice by multiple criteria to extract the invoice copies within seconds.

Can AP Automation prevent duplicate accounting entries, and approvals? has a built-in warning system that will notify you of a duplicate invoice. We catch duplicate invoices by looking at information on an invoice to identify a duplicate including the vendor and invoice number. makes it easy to compare the duplicate invoice to the original to ensure that it truly is a duplicate. This prevents duplicate payments to vendors, data entry into your accounting system and even making the approvers work for nothing.

How does AP automation use machine learning component? uses a mix of various artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure the best data extraction performance and parsing of the invoice to direct it to the proper approver within the workflow.

Does AP Automation work with my accounting system? AP Automation offers API integrations to connect directly with a company’s accounting, financial, or ERP system. The API integration ensures up-to-date and constant data flow between systems. also offers a file integration for systems without an API integration.

Where can you access AP automation software?

The AP Automation platform is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long there is an internet connection

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